Biracial Curly Hair Care Products for woman

Biracial Curly Hair Care Products for woman

Home Hair Loss Biracial Curly Hair Care Products for woman

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Biracial Curly Hair Care Products for woman
Wednesday, 08 November 2006
These curly hair products are for multiracial woman and parents of muliracials. As a woman there is no wrong question you can ask. Below you will find some helpful products: Natural Hair and Scalp Oils - they contains all natural oils that benefit and nourish your hair and scalp unlike synthetic oils. You may use it as a hot oil treatment or apply it to your hair and scalp for extra moisture.

The Frizz Pudding - a soft hold gel lotion. for defrizzing and defining. It can be used on top of the other leave-ins, for extra defrizzing, defining and hold.

The Styling Lotions - and Butter are wonderful moisturizers suited for different hair textures. From finer curl types to kinkier types. These products also create hold and definition, for styling.

The Conditioning Curl Spritz - is almost all aloe juice, with added conditioners, soy and detanglers. It will tame your bed-head or freshen those curls. Use on top of any of our other leave-in products or use alone on fine curly hair.

The Straightening Glaze - a wonderful sleek setting spritz for heat straightening. It is light weight, silky smooth and shimmery.
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